Flight Patterns

Have traffic patterns changed?

Many are convinced that traffic patterns have changed, but this is not true. The south traffic pattern was in use when the airport was constructed during WW2. It was a standard left-turn pattern for runway 29--the only runway at the time.

When the south runway (29L/11R) was completed in 1978, The north runway (29R/11L) used the north pattern (right turns for 29R) and the south runway used the south pattern Left turns for 29L). In a 1981 report "Airport Noise Control and Land Use Compatability", both north and south traffic patterns are shown. These are standard FAA traffic patterns and have been in use at the Torrance Airport for 60 years!

Perhaps it is not too late

Forty years after the City's Airport Noise Control and Land Use Compatibility final report (1981) was released, there are additional ways to reach the community. Using the City web pages for the Noise Abatement Office and the Torrance Airport, a very powerful channel to employ a "public information program designed to create an awareness in the community of the nature of the activity at the airport and the resulting effects on the residents" could be effectively deployed as the report recommended. Airport traffic patterns are the source of most complaints. A graphic, such as the one below, on those web pages would alert residents (both current and prospective ones) to those effects and where they will occur.