The Truth About the "Reform TOA" Petition

Signatures are being solicited for a petition to the City of Torrance demanding changes that would damage the Torrance Airport--an irreplaceable transportation, education, recreation and disaster response asset for the entire South Bay. It is based on many misunderstandings of the law and false assumptions. Before you sign it, please read the following comments about the statements made in the petition. Statements made in the petition are shown in bold italics:

"Whereas a large increase in training operations from the airport has brought noise to levels now intolerable for many residents;"

Some important facts:

"Whereas residents are also concerned about air pollution from aircraft using leaded fuel and safety of low training flights over densely populated neighborhoods;"

They may be concerned, BUT:

"Whereas these problems are also hurting residential property values;"

This claim is not supported by facts:

"Whereas the City owns the airport but, due to a change in federal law, the City no longer has the authority to adopt new airport noise abatement laws;"

Federal law regarding implementation of new or modified noise abatement procedures has not changed in many, many years.

"Whereas, based only on a verbal opinion from the FAA, City staff stopped enforcing its longstanding, grandfathered early-left-turn law which sanctions pilots who take off and turn left over residential neighborhoods on higher ground south of the airport;"

None of the above statement is true:

"Whereas the City's noise monitors will not resolve negative impacts from training operations;"

This was predictable.

Noise from airport operations cannot be eliminated, but it can be minimized. Torrance Airport Association, Torrance flight schools and Torrance pilots are working continuously to accomplish this goal.

"Therefore, the undersigned residents of Torrance and adjacent cities, petition the Mayor and City Council to:

This petition exhorts the City Council to waste a lot of money we don't have. The City Council has already looked at landing fees and decided not to follow Santa Monica's approach to destroy the airport; the FAA likely will not permit closing any runways for noise abatement without a Part 150 study; municipal laws like the TMC "no left turn" law have been ruled invalid and unenforceable in Federal Court; and the FAA has approved the use of unleaded aviation fuel in nearly all aircraft engines as of 1 September 2022.

The Airport Fund already contributes millions of dollars every year to the General Fund. Any money wasted on this plan to hire lawyers will actually reduce that contribution to the General Fund.

The petition ignores the fact that knowlegable teams are already working on pursuing legal ways to reduce noise from airport operations. Any member of the public already has the option to present their "legal options" to the Airport Commission and City Council.